Walk Cycle

So I’ve been working on a walk cycle for my showreel recently. I went back and look at the reference I gathered from my earlier attempts. It had been a while since I last used maya. So my first go at it I found it particularly hard to remember basic things, for example the graph editor. I tried using another example of a 2-D hand drawn example from Preston Blair’s book. However I was struggling to get the work done as fast a I used to. So I decided to look for a tutorial video to follow to help me get started.

What differs in the technique shown in this tutorial, was that instead of going pose to pose and using 2D drawings as reference he starts by animating from the feet up, he gets all the movement in that he knows he needs for a successful walkcycle then tweaks the movement later. After following the tutorial I ended up with this.

It needing more work to tone down the movement to make it look more realistic. Below is a playblast and a quick render of the alterations. I still not overly happy with it, the knees are a real problem point think I have applied too much side ways rotation at the contact frames making the knees rotate too much and too quickly.




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