Reflection of 2nd year

Looking back at the second year of my degree I can see its been a bit of mixture of emotions and circumstances. At the start of the year I had decided that I was going to do my best to keep on track of everything and improve my general skills. The first semester started of well I was in a very good group with people that all worked well together. The sushi animation project and the skillset project went very well and I was pleased with the work the team produced. Particularly on the sushi project, I felt I had the chance to develop my skills in an area I needed to, rigging. I was able to produce a usable rig for the team to use for the animation, even though the rig wasn’t the best I know if I could do it again I would do it a lot better, I am proud of that. It was the next module that I had my first slip of the year, I was working with my friend on a modelling/animation project just before christmas. We started well with a good plan and an idea we both liked, the trailer park. However we left it abit late to get the work done and ended up having to rush the last bit to ensure we had the essential work boxes ticked. The project could have been better, I would have liked to have seen the work if we had managed our time better. After the new year we were starting a new project working with local studios, this was when my second slip happened. I let circumstances get the better of me and missed a lot of work and let my team down. My confidence was on a real low. However I after talking to my tutors I got a pick up and began working on my showreel. Although my showreel will be alot better with alot more work applied to it over the summer, for the hand in I was happy with what I got finished. After I repeat the studio module in the summer I will be able to put the negatives in the past and focus on the future.


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