Modelling a Car

Modelling the Cobra->

After beginning the editing process of the showreel I realized I would have a bit of extra to produce another bit of work. I decided I would finally attempt to model a Shelby Cobra 1967-69. I watched a few tutorials and decided to use the edge modelling technique to model the car.

shelby prog 1

Remembering the tutorial that Conann gave us in class on modelling cars he started with a cylinder cut in half with just the outer edges left as the start point so I began there.

shelby prog 3

I initially wanted to create the car in entirely different panels all connected together. This would enable the car to be rigged with more complex controls.

shelby prog 4 shelby prog 5 shelby prog 6

At this stage I wasnt happy with the way the front piece was looking I couldnt get the shape correct with the added piece of geo. I then decided to scrap that piece and just model the front from the edges at the side of the model. The next image shows the front finished and the entire car duplicated and sowed together.

shelby prog 7

.Below is the final render I have for the showreel. I made the rookie mistake not changing the curves on the graph editor so the camera slows in and slows out. Just another thing added to my alteration list. The typology isn’t the best I could do with starting again and altering it. Conann showed me how to use the new modeling tool kit to make the typology better. I’ll try it over the summer.



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