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Final Ambient occlusions of the Trailer Park


Lighting and Texturing project

Textured trailer and other screenshots

Aidan suggested using the sets of http://www.3D for the lighting assignment. I thought Id give it ago even tho Ive never been too keen on lighting, something Il need to learn!

A tutorial used to try make volume fog light using mental ray. I have a series of light tests.




I found a good article on physical based lighting at Pixar. Its just one of many articles from the website it has articles explaining lots of different aspects of production, lighting, simulations and many others. A pretty good read as well as a learning aid.

Thats the link for the lighting article.

Animation project

These are my animation and animation tests for the latest project.

overly happy 2 overly happy




A Short animation of a sneak I done using reference from Richard Williams book. I found it difficult to use the rig. It was a bit more confusing than the other Zombie rig that Alan brought in.

sneak ref

Tutorial on animating  character getting up from a seated position that Megan posted.


Modelling stuff

With the deadline rapidly approaching me and Aidan have just began to model as quickly as possible. The following are screenshots of the assets we made.


Essay Plan

I was quite happy with the feedback form I got for the essay proposal, although it does say I need to get better sources, and use Harvard referencing better.

Pixar total pixar op weekend Ghibli total Disney Op weekend Disney total ghibli op weekend


The graphs I made online using information from Imdb and

They are hideous to look at. Terrible design.