Starting the Zombie Animation

While looking for reference and inspiration for walk cycles I came across these walkcycles on youtube.

That compilation shows some really nice examples of walkcycles. They have character, and use the principles of animation. The subtle aspects in this animation demonstrates how to make your characters movements believable and have appeal. My personal favorite is the ball character with the hat and the grainy camera. I think that the movements really fit together nicely particularly in that one. This is something I think I could really benefit with getting into my own work.

This demo reel shows some great animation, the movement is very believable and realistic. It has given me something to think about when putting my showreel together next semester. It has a professional feel to it.

Again Ill be using the animators survival kit for 2D reference because I like using 2D poses as a starting point. It also gives you alot of information on the timing of actions and how to use the principles of animation to improve your work.



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