New project



This assignment is broken into three parts, which will include team presentations in weeks 9 and 12.

Following on from assignment one we should now have seven successfully completed animations and several great skillset animatics. Some of these shorts will form the starting point for new teams to build on. Individuals will be required to form/join teams, which will enable them to explore four of following areas of expertise. Lectures and practicals through out the semester will help inform and prepare students for each area.

This type of project creates a new team dynamic and structure. In previous projects the individuals have come together and rallied around a central project. This assignment inverts this norm. Team structure and dynamic is to support and develop the work and processes of the individual. In this situation it is very easy to fall into the trap of working alone. Teams will need will work to guide the central themes that are to be achieved. Teams will meet regularly to share project outcomes, techniques learned during the process and support each other in solving problems.



Based on the following projects:

The Penguins & Zombies

Example animations:
  • Walk cycles exploring different characteristics
  • Walk up and down steps
  • Get up from a seated or laying down position
  • Interaction between two characters

Modelling and UV

Based on the following projects:

Create environments and vehicle models with UVs


Lighting and Texturing

Based the Following Project:

Moon Landing

Concept Art

Character and environment designs

Create a range of concept sketches and paintings that describe a world of your choice.

History and Theory

Write a book review ~ See Yuanyuan Chen

Compositing VFX

Add 3D and motion graphic elements to a live action backgrounds.

Possible things to explore:
  1. Scene Continuity
  2. Matching Colours
  3. Matching Lighting
  4. Contact Lighting
  5. Atmospherics
  6. Light-Wrap Techniques
  7. Edge Blend Techniques
  8. Working with Shadows
  9. Grain Management
  10. Lens Distortion & Aberrations
  11. Match Move
  12. Rotoscoping

Simulation and Rigging

Based on the some of the above projects:

Create a range of animations exploring how particle animation, rigid/soft body dynamics, fluid simulations and nCloth could be used in the projects.

Even though this assignment does seem to be really cool and I am excited about the possible outcomes from it Im slightly disappointed as there was a rumor going about that we where going to get to work on the skillset assignment. I know that our team put alot of effort and into the development of the Ghost train concept and I think it could have been a real challenge for us. Maybe sometime in the future I will be able to attempt to model a giant freight train!


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