Rendered and Edited 15 Second

The Video

The feed back was a bit hard to take the morning after an allnighter animating but it was very helpful and true. In our final film we had missed out on the style and punchie animation that the animatic had. I think with the pressure of the deadline the team were working so hard to get the animation finished and rendered that we had failed to notice what was missing. I felt that because of the amount of time I spent on the rig I had let the group down even though I did try my best to get it done as quickly as possible, I also felt for them having to animate with the rig it was a dificult rig to use. It was pointed out to us that the overall look of the film could have been improved greatly with less work, the film didnt have to be entirely 3D we could have used flash to create an anime style background the good jumped in the air like in the animatic that would have saved alot of effort. The character run cycle could have been better aswell if we had of made it look like the character was running on his tip toes. The split at the end could have been improved as well because in the end it was hard to read what was happening. Anyway overall I am really happy with the teams effort in this project and Im sure if we go back and make the changes needed to the animation we will have a real nice piece of work in our hands. I look forward to remodeling the characters and sorting that rig out properly!



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