Sushi rig that works…… sorta

Apologies about the quality of the video, it was a long night! It just takes you through how to use the rig. I am really disappointed about the standard of the rig, it was about my fourth attempt at the rig and I know if I had time to do even one more time it would have been vastly improved. It was my first ever time using joints for my own rig because last year I mainly used blendshapes and clusters to rig the critter creature. So I suppose that now I do have a better understanding of how the joints work and also FK and IK chains. Then next time I’ll be alot more confident and quicker when rigging a model with joints. Throughout the process I kept running into problems one way or another initially the problems were just through the getting used to the tools, although when I was painting weights I didn’t realize that the problem with me trying to get the best weighting was more to do with the typology of the I had created. The next time I model the sushi character again I will be sure to add more edge loops and better facial typology for a smooth working model. Another problem I encounter was when I had all the blendshapes, weights, joints and constraints finished when I was trying to use them together the model wouldnt deform correctly, I sat for at least two hours tearing my hair out thinking I had made a mistake when making setting up the one of the aspects of the rig system, but after all that stressing it turn out a two second talk with Alec was the key. It turned out that I need to have the deformer hierarchy was arranged correctly! The rig still had a problem with the eyelids in the end so I had to create a constraint to control the rotate of the eye lids on the Y-axis to make them face the correct way! The fact it took me so long to get the rig working it left no time to rig the other models, so I used the scale constraint that Alec showed us to enable me to shrink the existing rig and model down and just change the color of the headband. Overall from the rigging/modelling process I learnt an awful lot of new things through pain and heart ache. I have also realized that there is no such thing as the finished perfect rig or model, there will always be room for improvement!

sushi model 14 sushi model 15



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