Sushi Animatics/Mudbox practice

Using the practice models I made for the sushi short I decided to test the integration between mudbox and maya.

sushi model 1


This was the first test model of one of the sushi characters its very simplistic, although the typology could be improved on. The hands are too sharp I think but overall I am happy with the shape, it will do for this test.

This part I tired to just add some more detail into the model, this could be added as a displacement map to keep the models polycount down in maya.

My first go at trying to paint with Mudbox, it has some features I really like the fact that you can get alot of detail in the textures without having to UV unwrap the model and paint on photoshop.

After the storyboards were done our team got to work on the animatic. Charlie was unable to come in so the rest of the team separated the work up and got stuck in. Ryan done all the editing, Tyrone painted the backdrop and I drew the characters.

I think the animatic works really well. It has a nice style and it reads. The sounds at the end are made by me and ryan. 🙂


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