Ghost Train Animatic

20141015_141127 20141015_141123 20141015_141119 20141015_141116 20141015_141111 20141015_141045 20141015_141039


Our first animatic went down alright, feedback was good on the idea. The only problem was that the train didnt read correctly so that needs redone. We also got a new deadline, Conann wants us to redo the animatic sorting out any problems then record a voice going through shot by shot what exactly is needed in each shot. This all needs to be compiled into one video and uploaded to Vimeo for him to send to the folks in London.

Tyrone posted a nice video on facebook. Its a video he found on youtube by the animation mentor. Bobby Beck is a co-founder and he gives helpful tips and explains why acting is important for animators.


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