creative strategies storyboards

After meeting with the group again we have narrowed our ideas down to leave only two. A jousting or ninja short.  So we have just been developing thoses concepts through character designs and concept sketches. Here are collection of the teams assorted sketches.


ty4 ty3 ty










Below are just the two reference images gathered that I like the most. The one with lots of characters in it I like because of the qwerkyness and the color in the designs. The picture of the carrot and apple I thought was a good reference image because of the simplistic shapes and the big eyes. I think the bit of light thats bouncing around their eyes give them a more lively look.

toonspread match-com-tv-commercial (1)


Mudbox glasses guy

So I drew this little character the other day and decided to try my hand at mudbox using these sketches for reference.



20141106_142817 20141106_142759 20141106_142826

chr 1

doogs glasses for mehe

Daryl modelling the glasses for me since his a top notch guy.

glasses in maya


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