Camera Research And Some Mudbox

Cameras and Cinematography->

Something I have always been meaning to research further to give myself a better understanding of are Cameras, their lenses and also abit more about lighting and cinematography. I found this website that offers lots of tutorials on photography, it also featured a handy article about understanding camera lenses. (


So I finally got to use Mudbox 🙂

This was my first attempt at modelling anything after the initial play about with the software. I watched one tutorial on youtube.

Even though this guy started with a T-rex model, he demonstrated what the different tools can be used for. I used the grab tool with a huge brush that enables you to get the basic shape of your model very easily with a low subdivision level. Using the mirror option is helpful to ensure that the model is symmetrical in the beginning. I still havent got to grips with getting the correct detail in yet but i was pretty happy with this model for now.

evil thing

The way I tried to model the eyes was a bit of a pain, took a few attempts to try to get it right. I’m still not happy with the way they look now. Anyway practice makes perfect so I’l keep playing with it and watching more tutorials and hopefully I’l be able to make sure cool stuff.

This is a pretty cool feature they have, the turntable. Its very quick which means you can share work quite easily show your process I’ll just need to remember to actually use it. I often find it hard to document my work throughout the creative process, I’m thinking of starting to set an alarm on my phone to remind me to stop and think once and show progress.

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