After a long summer of being a recluse I starting back to uni last week! A couple of changes, I am now a second year :), a new room (Carl senior) and a new tutor, Alec (He’s a cool guy).

So we got stuck straight in with week Zero. It was nice to meet the new first years and getting to work with some of them. Alot of fun. It was also quite a strange seeing people go through the same experience I had last year, made me feel older and wiser. Even though there’s still soooo much to learn and do. It was a great opportunity to get ready for the start of real work. Getting back in the swing of the way things work, like the ideation process, presentation, a bit of modelling etc. A much needed top-up.

Me and Daryl (Randall) got to work together with a group of first years (Callum, Kerry and Jennifer). They were all great to work with, full of enthusiasm and good ideas. By the end of the week we were working on a project which required to design a game on a watch for an autistic child. I thought we all worked well as a team and developed a nice concept by the end of it. Our watch would come with a pair of contact lenses that allow the user to interact with an A.I character to play games with and make everyday life a more enjoyable for the child, another band would be provided allowing the childs parents or teacher, to keep track with the childs emotions by subtlety changing the colour of a small screen/gem on the band.  Check it out, Heres a collection of the teams work ->


This was the final concept sketches that Doogie used as reference for modelling, Callum and Kerry worked on them. If we had abit more time on the project we could have pushed the design further through more development and ideation.



The two images above show a quick example that the team designed that I modelling quickly in maya.This was a concept for the guardian of the child. The arm was a borrowing asset from another team 🙂 Cheers James.

doof doof

This was the final wrist watch concept modelled by doogs, in the limited time we had this was the furthest we got with the model, its missing a few things but it still shows what the product would look like.



Conann or Alec mentioned a website to check out that is good to look at for concept designs, paintings and sketches. ( My first opinion of it is that it seems like a pretty useful website for reference and inspiration. I really like the interface of the page very quick and easy to use. Here is a few images I liked from my first visit.->


Love the colour in this one, real nice perspective aswell.


I thought this one was really cool. The rough brush stroke look is something that I want to try, I think it would add alot more appeal to my work and also make it easier for me to get better at creating digital paintings. Im still struggling with the change from hand painting to digital.


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