The first official class of second year!

This year we are looking more into the specific job types we could possibly go into after we graduate. Up to now everyone in our class have been generalists, trying abit of everything. This will probably change throughout the year. Conann has asked us to think about the different areas and to consider specializing in one particular area. The idea is to become a ‘T-shaped’ person. Someone who has a working knowledge of every aspect of production partnered with a detailed understanding of our chosen area. At this point in time I’m finding it hard to narrowing my interests down to one specific direction, although I definitely have some favorites. I particularly enjoy story development and conceptualization bit, I also like modeling characters and assets as well as the actual animation of characters. Maybe with a bit of time and some more research into these areas will help me decide. He also discussed making yourself a more desirable employee, he mentioned that we should all be talking to people (networking), to also consider taking other classes like further life drawing and so on. He also recommended a two books that we should read for some inspiration- ‘The Pixar Touch’ and ‘Moving Innovation’.

Here the aims and learning objectives for this module:


By the end of the module students should be able to:
  1. Demonstrate a clear understanding of a variety of practices in the field of interactivity and animation, and the critical approaches to these practices.
  2. Apply theoretical debates to the analysis of primary material and interactive objects related to various industrial and artistic practices.
  3. Present a critical analysis of a single interactive or animated ‘piece’, or practitioner in this field who exhibits an ‘authorial’ approach in their work, via an audio/visual presentation.
  4. Plan and conduct a critical essay, resulting in written work of a high quality.
  5. Demonstrate skills in written and oral communication, the process of research, the organisation of material, and the presentation of informed critical arguments that relate to relevant issues and debates.


A successful student will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding

  • K1 Demonstrate detailed knowledge of major theories of the discipline(s) and an awareness of a variety of ideas, contexts and frameworks
  • K2 Demonstrate an understanding of the processes by which new ideas can be initiated and evolved.

Intellectual Qualities

  • I1 Use of appropriate techniques of evaluation of the relevance and significance of the data collected

Professional/Practical Skills

  • P1 Application of skills and can operate in situations of varying complexity and predictability requiring treatment of a wide range of techniques
  • P2 Autonomy in skill use and be able to act with increasing, with reduced need for supervision and direction within defined guidelines

Transferable Skills

  • T1 Responsibility for own learning with minimum direction
  • T2 Communicate effectively in a manner relevant to the discipline(s) and report practical procedures in a clear and concise manner in a variety of formats

Conann gave us a two week project were we received an area of practice in animation. Me and Nadine were paired together and we got to look into “rig removal and retouching”. As a team we have to research and develop our knowledge of the practice and then put a 5 minute presentation together showing everything we have learned. Conann also stressed the importance of using correct citation, so we’ll have to find out more about plagiarism and referencing.


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