The essential aims of this module are:
  1. To generate ideas, concepts, proposals, solutions or arguments in response to a set brief
  2. To apply critical and practical skills for developing appropriate creative solutions
  3. To create awareness of design communication from a 360º perspective
  4. To demonstrate an understanding of the links between the formation of ideas and their material realisation
  5. To demonstrate the ability to work both independently and as part of a team
  6. To identify and research issues appropriate to the subject area
  7. To develop an awareness to the evolving industry practices
  8. To explore alternative methods and techniques for obtaining data


A successful student will be able to:

Knowledge and Understanding

  • K1 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the generation of ideas, concepts, proposals, solutions or arguments independently and or collaboratively in response to set briefs and or a self initiated activity.
  • K2 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a range of thinking skills and methodologies employed to solve problems.
  • K3 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of specific technologies, skills and concepts deployed in the resolution of design problems.
  • K4 Demonstrate conceptual knowledge of relevant historical and contemporary models of practice in the field of design.

Intellectual Qualities

  • I1 Demonstrate an appropriate approach to risk taking, and independent enquiry.
  • I2 Evaluate new information, concepts and evidence from a range of sources.
  • I3 Demonstrate intellectual maturity, curiosity, personal creativity and critical evaluation.
  • I4 Demonstrate an ability to work within the context of ambiguity, uncertainty and unfamiliarity.
  • I5 Apply appropriate research methodologies in relation to interaction design and animation.

Professional/Practical Skills

  • P1 Demonstrate proficiency in observation, investigation, enquiry, organisation, making and or visualisation.
  • P2 Operate creatively in situations of varying complexity and predictability requiring application of a wide range of techniques
  • P4 Display increased autonomy, with reduced need for supervision and direction, within defined guidelines.
  • P5 Employ techniques, methodologies, tools and technologies associated with the discipline

Transferable Skills

  • T1 Identify key areas of problems and choose appropriate tools / methods for their resolution in a considered manner
  • T2 Operate creatively in situations of varying complexity and predictability requiring application of a wide range of techniques.
  • T3 Participate constructively within a group scenario.
  • T4 Interact effectively within a creative/productive team, processing information and concepts, and modifying responses where appropriate.
  • T5 Manage projects, tasks, assets and personnel and develop appropriate research strategies.

Above are the learning objectives and aims for the creative strategies module taken from the course website. ( This was the first class we had with Alec, he talked abit about himself, here is a link to his youtube channel if you wanna check out his showreel ( he then gave us a tutorial to refresh our memories about the basics of Maya ( Modelling and rigging) as well as touching on some new things we had yet to explore in great depth e.g UV maps.

We were also given our second project of the year:

  • We have to create a 15 second 3D animation
  • Deadline is four weeks away (16/10/14)
  • For next week we have to do a 2-3min presentation of the teams idea (story concept, story boards, character concepts etc)

For this project our team includes Ryan, Charlie, Tyrone and Me. I think that we have a strong team more than capable of pulling of something awesome. Exciting times ahead!


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