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Year One coming to an end


We looking at the butter frog from cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2, There was a frog that feature in the Pixar film up that Carl mistakens for an alarm clock. When thinking about the mechanics of critters Chameleon like tongue, we looked at a super slow motion video of a Chameleon’s tongue in action aswell as a Salamander that has the world’s fastest tongue.


We had two real attempts at rigging critter along with some test for eye movement and using blendshapes.




This is the updated animatic for our critter animation.


We encounter numerous rendering problems while trying to the render finish. First of all as time was running out and we were getting closer to the deadline we, realised we had a big problem. The setting had water in it, this was causing the render time to be greatly increased, it took roughly 9 hours to render only 4 frames. So we realised that we had to take the water out to ensure we had a complete animation to hand in. We also noticed that because our render settings had to be lowered to save time it caused speckles throughout the animation. Another problem, this one was quite silly on our part we forgot to press 3 and smooth the eye geo, causing them to have slight edges. Although we had all these problems  a chat with Conann assured us that these things could be corrected and rerendered during the summer and we could potentially enter an animation festival.


Here is the final animation file.




Over the course of this project my knowledge of Maya has greatly improved, I plan to keep working on these skills over the summer by getting together with other students to make a summer project. I have also learned alot about team work. Now that I am at the end of my first year animation I have to say I am pleased with the progress I have made. Before I started the course I had a very limited knowledge about the computer software that I now would use for basically everything I would do. In saying this I realise that I still have a lot more to learn and there are skills that I need to pick up on, for example my time management skills could improve greatly, this along with other things. I look forward to getting a little bit of free time now before I plunge into summer projects. Im also going to try my best to get on top of recording my thought process, whether it be on this blog or in a sketchbook. I tend to jump straight to the conclusion without giving my chance to really think about other possibilities that could be explored. Anyway many thanks to all the animation staff and students for making this year one I will not forget.