The mouse is dead!

Today we presented our final animatic and storyboard to the class, Conann and Mike. We got mixed feedback, they liked the concepts we had came up with, the Mouse on the Moon, the dancing robot and the spitting monster. The only problem was that our finished idea was abit too complex for the 15 seconds we have. So their message was either simplify or come up with a new more simplistic idea. After talking with the group we decided to go back to some of our earlier concepts to see if we could push them a bit further to add an element of appeal to story and character. Our goal is to have a simple idea with an appealing character, a character that people want to watch and at the end leave them wanting more. We want an effective punchline that people will laugh at.

Conann loved Jess’s drawing->



So we are thinking to go back and try and develop a story around it.


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