Fargo Graphic Final concept

So as a team we have finally settled on an outcome for the Fargo project. We all came to the conclusion that to best illustrate the amount of effort in the research and development process the best way to show this would be to create a brochure for Fargo. Enjoy


This is the front cover design we settled for. The back cover is a combination of layout design by Ryan, with a series of painting that me and Rachel completed. This is to represent the true nature of this ‘quiet’ town. It shows the main characters. We wanted the back cover to truly represent the story that we had developed in creating our character profiles and timeline exercise. The front cover is the complete opposite, we wanted this to show how the town would be sold to tourists. This is an actual image of the lakes in Fargo that our baddie Norm apparently fishes. It also offers the tourist a  free beer at the local bar. Which in our story is a hang out for the multiple drug dealers and pimps.


The first two pages allow tourists to meet the locals (a brief character profile) and to get to know more about Fargo itself. Ryan Completed both of these of these pages solo, he even wrote the piece in Minnesota nice, the local dialect. Hero.


This the map that Rachel made with the symbols created by Ryan. All the locations are relevant to the actual film, thus incorporating the theme of geography in the film.


We used these pages to reference events from the original narrative, both to do with Norm. His love for fishing and also the stamp competition he entered. He really does have the perfect cover story.


This was a nice page to work on it has lots of references to the film from deaths, wanted posters and jobs that have become available due to the events of the story. Even some less important characters get a mention here.


These pages show an advert I made for the local fast food joint Hardee’s, thats were Marge has her realisation moment when things finally start to make sense to her. On the right is an article that Ryan wrote about Jerry’s imprisonment.

We had another idea to further load this book with goodness, we were thinking of having Mike annotate shortly before Norm kills him at the Ice lakes. I think that this would add to the piece as it would have been an opportunity for us to show more of the characters feelings (showing we have a good understanding of them) and would give a better insight into the work we put into adding to the original narrative.

Here is a closer look at the timeline we spent roughly two to three weeks working on.



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