Animation Final 5 ideas

We have narrowed the 2o something down to the groups favourite 5.

1.Mouse in 0-gravity ( a mouse on the quest for the greatest piece of cheese ever, the moon itself)

2.Escape button (a blob creature trying to escape a lab)

3.Germ party (Germs have a massive party inside a person, party gets outa hand and the person dies)

4. Bugzilla (A giant caterpillar monster that crushes a city)

5.Undertaker skeleton (An undertaker who ends up falling into the grave his was digging)

We all divided up the ideas to bulk them up.

mouse story board

mouse story board

I worked on the mouse in zero gravity story.

I forgot to mention the ideation game we had, Aidan got a book from the library called Prepare to Board, the book offers lots of advice on every aspect of story making, from conceptualisation to character development. One thing in particular that was a lot of fun was the conceptualisation part. It lead to some really unique story plots and even one of our top five choices.



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