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The mouse is dead!

Today we presented our final animatic and storyboard to the class, Conann and Mike. We got mixed feedback, they liked the concepts we had came up with, the Mouse on the Moon, the dancing robot and the spitting monster. The only problem was that our finished idea was abit too complex for the 15 seconds we have. So their message was either simplify or come up with a new more simplistic idea. After talking with the group we decided to go back to some of our earlier concepts to see if we could push them a bit further to add an element of appeal to story and character. Our goal is to have a simple idea with an appealing character, a character that people want to watch and at the end leave them wanting more. We want an effective punchline that people will laugh at.

Conann loved Jess’s drawing->



So we are thinking to go back and try and develop a story around it.


Straight to the Moon!

By unanimous decision, our team selected the Mouse in Zero Gravity as the project to stick with. So the work began for the development of this concept. We sorted out what needed to be down and were assigned tasks to be completed.

Charlie worked on character design

Jess on rocket design


While me and Aidan worked on the animatic and storyboarding.

Project 3 IDV

The final IDV project is to take the data provided by Paul (death penalty statistics and to transform them into an easily understood graphic. I decided to begin by looking at what Im aiming to complete. I’ve always like the videos that present statistics in an easily read and understandable video using typography and 3d elements. My idea is to take the data and convert it into a colour coordinated pie chart. Then I intend to model a sphere in Maya that would replicate this pie. This way I would be able to manipulate the data in Maya and it would look sweet as a nice glass of some Jim Beam. I would then use a video editing software to composition typography onto my scene. Here are some influential videos.

Animation Final 5 ideas

We have narrowed the 2o something down to the groups favourite 5.

1.Mouse in 0-gravity ( a mouse on the quest for the greatest piece of cheese ever, the moon itself)

2.Escape button (a blob creature trying to escape a lab)

3.Germ party (Germs have a massive party inside a person, party gets outa hand and the person dies)

4. Bugzilla (A giant caterpillar monster that crushes a city)

5.Undertaker skeleton (An undertaker who ends up falling into the grave his was digging)

We all divided up the ideas to bulk them up.

mouse story board

mouse story board

I worked on the mouse in zero gravity story.

I forgot to mention the ideation game we had, Aidan got a book from the library called Prepare to Board, the book offers lots of advice on every aspect of story making, from conceptualisation to character development. One thing in particular that was a lot of fun was the conceptualisation part. It lead to some really unique story plots and even one of our top five choices.


Illustration Concepts and final Outcomes.

I have completed my final book illustrations, I decided to go with the Dave Prezler trilogy. For my designs I strayed away from the original sort of designs I was looking at, I went from the idea of 3d looking illustrations after I found the series based on superheroes past and present by Khoa Ho.

Superhero Past Present Series by Khoa Ho 2

Superhero Past Present Series by Khoa Ho 3

Superhero Past Present Series by Khoa Ho 4

I felt that this minimal style would work well as a book cover. They are simple but illustrate a clear and instantly understandable message.

Here are my final designs.

top left- a child called it top right the lost boy bottom left a man named dave bottom right my alternate genre design (sci-fi)

top left- a child called it
top right the lost boy
bottom left a man named dave
bottom right my alternate genre design (sci-fi)

I think that the minimal design work well together as a series. The position of the first silhouette to the last one is a simple way to represent of he felt about himself at that time in his life. Although I think the sci-fi design is a bit questionable, I didn’t want to venture to far from the style of the other three.

Imaging and Data visualisation Project 2

We have been given our second assignment. We need to produce 3 illustrated book covers all from the same genre. From the start I have already made a couple of decision to try and separate my work from everyone else’s, I am guessing the majority of people will go for something Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre. So I intend to stay clear of them genres.  Early on I think I have made my decision. When I was young I found a book called A Child Called It by Dave Prezler. I remember being physically turned by how much he was abused as a child. Anyway it turned out that Prezler had made an autobiography trilogy about three stages in his life. Here are his three original book covers and some early examples of some illustrations that I like.



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Floursack Poses

Today Conann gave us a new model to work with, the flour sack. It was a big step up from using Jonas as it has far more controllers which meant that it was capable of a larger variety of poses with more complexity although this also meant that it would be alot easier to mess it up or get confused. We were shown this image showing the flour sack in various poses.


disney flour sack
























I found this at times quite hard, manipulating the sack was sometimes tricky. For example not being 100% sure which controller does what, but I am happy enough with the final poses. Just wish I knew how to use a light properly. 😦

Conann showed us this website called creative crash, which as soon as you sign up for free you can download fully rigged models and play about with them. Its really useful, shows you how complex models work. Already I have been able to play with spider man, the Hulk, a realistic looking dog and a talking fish lol.






Haven’t been painting very much recently due to the introduction of Maya. But I did have another go at playing around with my caricature self portrait. I wasn’t really happy with the lack of real depth to make the skin look 3D. So I spent 15-20 mins just messing around with the saturation and contrast levels to see if I could achieve a overall better look.


I think this has pushed the image closer to the final look I am going for, I tried altering the brush shape so I could paint the hair effectively, I think it works nicely. It’s still not the but soon. When I get the free time I promise.

Fargo Graphic Final concept

So as a team we have finally settled on an outcome for the Fargo project. We all came to the conclusion that to best illustrate the amount of effort in the research and development process the best way to show this would be to create a brochure for Fargo. Enjoy


This is the front cover design we settled for. The back cover is a combination of layout design by Ryan, with a series of painting that me and Rachel completed. This is to represent the true nature of this ‘quiet’ town. It shows the main characters. We wanted the back cover to truly represent the story that we had developed in creating our character profiles and timeline exercise. The front cover is the complete opposite, we wanted this to show how the town would be sold to tourists. This is an actual image of the lakes in Fargo that our baddie Norm apparently fishes. It also offers the tourist a  free beer at the local bar. Which in our story is a hang out for the multiple drug dealers and pimps.


The first two pages allow tourists to meet the locals (a brief character profile) and to get to know more about Fargo itself. Ryan Completed both of these of these pages solo, he even wrote the piece in Minnesota nice, the local dialect. Hero.


This the map that Rachel made with the symbols created by Ryan. All the locations are relevant to the actual film, thus incorporating the theme of geography in the film.


We used these pages to reference events from the original narrative, both to do with Norm. His love for fishing and also the stamp competition he entered. He really does have the perfect cover story.


This was a nice page to work on it has lots of references to the film from deaths, wanted posters and jobs that have become available due to the events of the story. Even some less important characters get a mention here.


These pages show an advert I made for the local fast food joint Hardee’s, thats were Marge has her realisation moment when things finally start to make sense to her. On the right is an article that Ryan wrote about Jerry’s imprisonment.

We had another idea to further load this book with goodness, we were thinking of having Mike annotate shortly before Norm kills him at the Ice lakes. I think that this would add to the piece as it would have been an opportunity for us to show more of the characters feelings (showing we have a good understanding of them) and would give a better insight into the work we put into adding to the original narrative.

Here is a closer look at the timeline we spent roughly two to three weeks working on.