Second Maya Homework

We have been learning new methods of creating objects in Maya , the CV tool is quite useful. It allows you to set points on the grid to form the outline of your model then using the revolve tool it makes the full model shape. Its very useful for things like bottles and wine glasses. Conann gave us a quick tutorial on using the CV curve tool by making a wine glass. He then challenged us to make our own wine glass and then a bottle that has square edges eg a Jim Beam bottle.

He is my couple of goes at it!

wineglass_1 wineglass_2 wineglass_3 jim beam_1 jim beam_2 jim beam_3 jim beam_4


This was a bit of failure lol


Fancy bottle

jim beam_6

Playing with transparency

jim beam_5

This is my favourite bottle cause its the most similar to the Jim Beam

traffic cone

traffic cone for a laugh




So recently I began another painting to try and further enhance my skills. It was another one I started with absolutely no idea what I was going to paint (Chaos to control), Im feeling alot more confident but im still struggling with getting the values right in my paintings but I am getting there. Check her out n see what you think.train1Untitled-1-Recovered train

There’s still plenty of work to be done, I think I need to try and be less self concious when im painting. I always find myself work in circles, making a decision, then changing my mind and pressing the undo button. Only to later go back and repeat what I just done.



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