Jonas the lamp!

We have been given our first taste of animating with Maya. Conann provided us with a fully rigged model. Which is Jonas the lamp.jonas


This is Jonas, he is a pretty cool model. He had only a limited amount of of controllers making him ideal as a starting point for learning the basics of the animating process. It was a lot of fun using him, our assignment for this week was to follow a step by step tutorial than Conann had made which consisted of the basic movements to make Jonas jump. Then we were asked to create our own jump taking the knowledge of the model that we had gained from the tutorial, I decided that I would make Jonas a bit of a show boat and had him do a back flip. Anyway here are links to my playblasts of my attempts and a couple of screenshots. Apologies about the low resolution.


jonas jump

This is the mid point of the jump, showing the squash on Jonas’ body at the peak of height.



These just show Jonas at the three main stages of his back flip. For influence on how his body would actually position itself at these point I took reference from a free runner called Sebastian Foucan, here is a link to a video showing a bit of Sebastian in action and also a talk he gave for TED about our relationship with fear, check it out he is a cool fella.




bk f


This is a screenshot of Sebastien in Casino Royale


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