Fargo- Notes and Graphic Ideas

After using Vogeler’s book to gain a better insight into the inner workings of Fargo’s characters and narrative. We have decided to collectively come together to create a giant timeline that would visually show each of the 30 scenes in Fargo, what characters are in the scene, what they are doing and where they are. This will make the process of filling in the blanks from the other characters of screen alot easier. It allows us to accurately guess what the character should, or better still could be doing. It was a really good group exercise as we all had a chance to pitch in, also by using the knowledge we had gained from Vogeler and researching almost everything about the film. We were able to really get our heads into the mindset of the film, I feel that we done a brilliant job of filling in the blanks and even adding to the narrative by successfully sticking to the rules of the film.


I know that this photo doesn’t really offer a clear enough picture to actually read any of the post its. But until Ryan uploads the video he has taken of it to youtube its the best I can do. Although it does show the scale of the timeline, the fact that it is split into the 3 acts and the amount of characters we ended up writing for. I was quite pleased with the teams performance as a whole during this exercise, I felt that we had gained alot from it and really were able to show the understanding of both the film and the knowledge we had gained from the writers journey.

Going back to the initial brief, we needed to create some sort of graphic that represented the film. Using the knowledge we had gained we start the conceptualisation process. The first idea that we all liked was to take every thing we had done (Filling the blanks, looking at the actual geography of Fargo itself, Character profiles, etc) and to disguise it as a detectives board, this we all agreed fitted with the murder mystery from the film, aswell as covering the geography theme also. Here is a collection of images our group has produced from this concept and looking at some influences for the design.


Rachel’s analysis of shep disguised as a wanted poster.

Ryan’s analysis of Jerry as a police report.

This was the character profile that I done for Carl as his death notice.

Hank’s detective board in breaking bad.

In the background we can see the evidence board from True Detective.



Another idea we were thinking of looking into more was a cinemagraph. At first glance a cinemagraph appears to be just a photography, but they are actually like gifs, they use subtle motion combined with static images to create a very appealing image. In some I feel like they give a really eerie feeling, especially the ones in which the subject is staring directly into camera. Unfortunately every time I try to post one on here it just saves as a static image, so here is a link to some……..


Anyway the reasons why we liked the idea of producing the cinemagraph as our final graphic were that we could combine this with the other idea we liked, the evidence board. I also think the subtle movement also can add a sense of realism (if done correctly) and this would be a nice fit with the Coen brothers style. We were thinking of setting a scene up with the board in the background with one backlit character/silhouette, probably smoking ( fitting with the neo-noir style of the film) would be sitting at his desk looking stressed. So this concept I would love to go forward with, ever since discovering cinemagraphs I have wanted to make one, also I like how it would combined both of our favourite concepts. Thus gaining the benefits of both, which in my mind would tick all the boxes for our hand in. Here is a couple of mock up sketches Ive done, looking mainly at composition.DSCN3926




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