Building Jonas!

Recently we have been working with the Jonas model that Conann made. The most recent challenge he set us was to actually build it from scratch. Its the first time that most of us have built something that is fully rig-able. It was pretty exciting to be completely honest. It was a good experience to see Conann’s workflow first hand with something of this complexity. Here are some screen shots from my progress.

b j 1

b j 2 b j 3

These screen shots show the three main stages of the build. Things that I picked up from this tutorial would be the isolate selection option and also I got a better understanding of the capability of the extrude tool. This has increased my confidence slightly with using Maya, or at least its a little less of a daunting prospect of trying to model.

Abit about me->

So I have recently became a big fan of the artist Luke Dixon. His illustrative style is kind of a big influence on the sort of design work I would use for my own personal work. I just thought I would let yall know that I am now the proud owner of both the Gandalf t-shirt and the A3 print (signed and marked properly).


Ill upload a nice picture of me flaunting my latest purchase soon. Right now I am just glad after a 3 week wait for it to arrive, I am just to god damn busy enjoying her right now. 😉 read em n weap







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