Fargo- Events Log + MAYA UPDATE


1. Jerrys meets Carl + Gaear, they arrange the kidnapping.

2. Jerry goes home, dinner and discusses a deal with Wade.

3. Carl + Gaear on the road, plan for for and prostitutes.

4. Jerry at work, tries to rip off customers, they complain.

5. Carl + Gaear pull up at Blue Ox with 2 hookers.

6. Jerry at home, call from Wade (11.05) to meet him at 14,30- Jerry then tries to call of kidnapping- but it doesn’t work.

7. Carl + Gaear on road to twin cities, Gaear has not spoke for 4 hours.

8. Jerry gets call, $320k of loans threatened to be recalled.

9. Carl + Gaear kidnap Jean.

10. Jerry meets Wade- no deal happens he then returns home to see the kidnapping has happened.

11. Carl + Gaear get pulled over by police. Shit gets real, A cop and two teens are murdered.


12. Marge’s first appearance, at home asleep, recieves call and goes to crime scene.

13. Jerry has breakfast with Wade and Stan, they discuss the randsom money, returns home to check on Scotty.

14. Carl + Gaear bring Jean to cabin (inmost cave) Jean attempts a blindfolded escape.

15. Marge at office, has lunch with Norm. Officer has a lead on car- ‘Two men with company’ at Blue Ox, Marge questions the 2 hookers- leads to twin cities- one was ‘funny looking’.

16. Carl + Gaear + Jean at cabin, silence between Jean and Gaear while Carl struggles with the TV signal.

17. Marge gets a call from Mike asking her for dinner, (22.45)

18. Jerry recieves call from Carl,demanding more money for the murders.

19. Marge + Norm have meal, call for new lead (03.00) leads to Shep.

20. Jerry, Stan and Wade discuss how to deliver money.

-Marge on phone at twin cities

– Carl goes to parking lot to switch number plate.

21. Marge questions Shep.

-Jerry wants to speak with Shep.

– Marge questions Jerry about knowledge of any stolen cars.

22. Marge and Mike have dinner.


23. Carls at a club with a hooker, he gets laid then beaten by Shep.

24. Carl phones Jerry demanding the randsom money.

– Wade leaves with the money and goes to car park, Jerry reassures Scotty.

– Wade meets Carl, they shoot each other, Carl has killed Wade and drives off with money.

-Jerry arrives too late- goes home to bed.


25. Officer gets lead on crims location, ‘funny looking’ is said again.

-Carl buries the majority of money in snow, he attempts to patch up his wounded face.

26. Marge gets call from friend, learns that Mike has lied to her, she then reconsiders what Jerry told her, goes to the dealership to question him again, he runs.

27.Gaear is ingrossed in TV drama Carl comes back, finds Jean dead, they argue over money and car, Gaear kills Carl with axe.

28. Marge comes across car and cabin, finds Gaear shredding up Carls body in wood chipper, Gaear gets shot in the leg as he attempts to escape, gets arrested.

29. Jerry gets arrested at motel.

30. Marge goes to bed with Norm, his painting is now on 3cent stamp. Their baby is due in 2 months- THE END



We have been making our first piece of animation on Maya. Conann had us make firstly a rubber ball and to animate it bouncing. This was going back to using squash and stretch which we had touched on last semester. I’ve been finding it quite confusing at times, although some aspects of using the software I am slightly familiar with, for example using key frames to set key poses and movements is something I had used before in flash. Anyway heres a link to my first bouncing ball. 🙂

Maya continued->

For abit of homework we have to create and animate three different types of balls going down stairs. A bowling ball, a tennis ball and another bouncy ball. I think the key things that we needed to learn for this really was just to consider how the different types of balls would squash and stretch while interacting with the stairs and also to pay alot of attention to the timing of the animation to make the balls appear as natural as possible. Here mine!


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