Fargo Notes

Fargo (1996 Crime Drama)

A pregnant polic chief thats investigating a series of homicides in Minnesota. A car salesman that is struggling for money hires two criminals to kidnap jis wife in the hope that her rich father will pay the ransom so he can pay the criminals and sort out his debt.

A Coen brothers film that was awarded 2 Oscars (Best actress in a leading role, Best writting, Screenplay written directly for screen) among 60 other wins and 32 nominations.


William May ( Jerry Lundegaard, the struggling carsalesman)

Steve Buscemi (Carl Showalter, one of the criminals)

Peter Stormare (Gaear Grimsrud, the other criminal)

Harve Presnell (Wade Gustafon, Wealthy father)

Frances McDormand ( Marge Gunderson, Polic chief)

After watching Fargo for the first time I found I enjoyed the film. It has an interesting story with a variety of different characters with very different motivies. I look forward to working with our group to add to the story as we have plenty of opportunities to exploit the things that the characters could be doing that isnt shown with camera. Another thing that I think our group was quite lucky in having, was the fact that this was a Coen brother film, a consistent feature throughout their films Chekhov’s gun theory, were everything on camera has to have a reason that is relevant to the story. There are no coincidences, they also use foreshadowing a lot. I think that recognising these facts will give us plenty of opportunity to exploit the film as much as possible while still remaining true to the original story and themes.

After reading the section in Vogeler’s about how the narratives that feature in film, no matter what the genre, follow a very similar structure, using plot points and character archetypes. I am not much of a reader (Something I need to change) the book has been a big benefit to my understanding of storytelling. It has opened my eyes in way, over the past few days I’ve been looking at the films that I have watched over the years and the characters that I have grown to care for and I have realised that all these fit to Vogeler’s theory, I have became more than just a viewer, I have lost my willing suspension of disbelief. Feels like I just joined a special club.


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