Introducing maya!

We are back after a long Christmas break. Conann give us our first taste of Maya, so much to take in one day! He focused only looking at the basic of Mayas complex interface and its abit overwelming. Just thinking of babysteps and we’ll get there one day!

We also got a new 6 week project and a new group. We have been giving films to look at in depth, for us Fargo, then we have to look at each character with the timeline of the film. Then we have to come up with stories of what the characters would be doing while they are off camera. We have also got a new book to read ‘A Writers Journey’ this is to help us with our new project for when we are filling in the blanks of our characters. I guess that the main learning outcome for this project would be to learn about the key ingredients in story development and to gain an understanding of the character archetypes that consistently feature in film.

Glad to be back, really need to get the head down this semester after the slip up at the end of last semester! 


Movie poster for Fargo.


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