Typography and interactivity continued ……….

After we presented our idea to Mike and Gregg we were given some suggestions and the time to enhance our product. The things we missed out on was we didnt link our game close enough to our actually world project, Gregg suggested the use of multiple projects that would surround our players showing visuals of an underwater habitat to create a more authentic gaming experience. Something like this……..

After this the group decided to look into other types of interactive media that we could potentially use for our product. This led to the designing of a video which was worked on by Scott, Gail and Nadine. Heres the link pretty cool give it a go …..



We had been asked to create a Text for our worlds, one that would be used for communication on our world. Things we were told to consider were who was meant to understand it, could it be a series of symbols instead of type?, can it actually be used and clearly enough to understand it and to also research typography. Websites to give a look in terms of typography are



I also looked into different types of typography heres a collection of my favorite ones I seen………

Heisenberg and ambigrams what more could you ask for?

Anyway my decided to incorporate the typography task in with the game that was designed thus killing two birds with one stone 🙂

Game logo design by Nadine I think.. cool as fuck!


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