Second animatic task :)

Our task this week was to firstly pick a 30-45 second clip from any film that had three characters in it. We then had to take only the dialogue from the clip and swap the script with another group. This left us with the challenge of creating a new scenario for the dialogue to fit with.

Our group were given a short piece of dialogue taken from Shaun of the Dead, a phone call between the protagonist and his mother shortly after the beginning of a zombie apocalypse.

We began by thinking about how we could take this as far as possible away from the original story. We all agreed on having our characters be doughnuts and the conversation would be happening with two doughnuts (protagonist and friend) still on the kitchen counter while the other two are on a plate at the table ready to be eaten (Mother and Stepfather whose bitten). I really liked this idea and felt it was a good fit for the dialogue.

We looked at the Annoying Orange series on youtube as reference to how we were thinking of how we could make our doughnuts act.

Annoying Orange link…….

This is a screenshot of our teams finished second animatic which was completed by Gail and Scott, they done a very good job. It was completed using photographs and flash to animate the faces. Mike did give us some advice on how we could improve on this. He mentioned things like making the stopmotion more fluent and ways in which to make things more clear and interesting to the audience. I really enjoyed working on this section, I found that it was really fun to take scripted dialogue and then working as a team to create an entirely new context and actually creating in my opinion a very good idea. A link to the full video is below.




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