We have been assigned a new project, using the last world we have been working on (Mumster Project) we have to make an interactive product that relates to the story we made an animatic about.

We all left today to do a bit of research and then to come back together again to discuss the possible outcomes we could have. I decided to look into the idea of making a board game as we briefly mentioned it earlier. Originally I was thinking that the board games story could be post-animatic story given us the chance to introduce alot of new characters. Looking at the market for board games we found that family orientated games were best selling, eg Scrabble, Candyland and Monopoly. Keys elements that would need to be featuring in our boardgame would be an uncluttered and easily/quickly understood board, if we have pieces that move we need to ensure theres enough space for them and all labels need to be contrasting in colour to the background so that they can be read at a glance. To make our game differ from standard boardgames I was thinking of suggesting changes like maybe have a game with multiple layers/ levels making the game longer or shorter in duration and also we could design add on to increase and decrease difficulty.

After a group discussion we were first thinking of making a board game. However we all liked the idea of incorporating some sort of physical activity that could be a possible add-on to base game. So we began looking at board games and group games that were in the market today. From this we found that we all liked the popular game Bop-it in terms of the game play it offered. We also wanted to create a game that wasn’t an actual board we preferred a sphere design as the centrepiece of the game. Other aspects of our game would include a game of ‘hide and seek’ equipped with wireless trackers on individual remote controllers for each player. A score system that allowed the players to keep track of the score, the lowest scoring player because the mumster for the game of hide and seek when thats completed the game will reset and start over.

Remote design by gail.

Interface design by Nadine.

Game device design by Scott.

Having a laugh. Buy our game….. You know you want to ……. Look at them smiles 🙂


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