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Making an animatic

We have been asked to develop a story from our create a world project then to make an animatic of this story. So we began by thinking about what would actually happen in our story, we eventually decided to go with a story set around the life of a young family that has been sent to our world to study the underwater life that was flourishing there. Then while out on an expedition the mother n father were attacked, the father returns to tell his daughter of his wife’s death. 10 years down the line and the father and daughter are continuing the studies when they discover the incredible power that a flower possesses, it can change normal humans into water beasts. This is what became of the wife hence the name Mumster.


-Camera Angles (What and why)

-Acting and performance (Techniques for building suspense or creating funny moments etc)

-Clear story (Make sure the audience can follow the story clearly)

This is a Google sketch up model that Scott made. Turns out to be quite useful to have someone that could actually use sketch up in your group, have to hand it to him he done a brilliant job.

This model allowed everyone in our group to play with angles and experiment with them to see what would be best for each shot, very handy piece of software, may my relationship with it be a long and prosperous one.

We decided to split the total drawings evenly between our group, we hope that we will all be able to use the google sketch up model to ensure that we have the same style throughout. Ive posted a link to the finish animatic below………enjoy.

After the feedback we were given back we knew we were going to have to go back and make major changes, Nadine, Scott and Gail went back and produced this one.