Hexagonal world

This week we have been asked to produce establishing shots for our newly assigned world projects. I was lucky enough to be gifted the opportunity to work on in my opinion one of the coolest concepts that our year has came up with. It a world originally based on a 50p coin! The hexagonal shape has been altered since then, its now a tube shaped world that has translucent protective shell around it. the tube has segments that are all separate environments, water, desert, forest etc. This makes it an ideal home or resting place for an unlimited amount of different creatures.

Me, Blaine, James and Jessica were in a group this time.  Ive really enjoyed working with this team, in particular Ive been chatting loads with James. He is extremely good at digital painting so ive been trying to learn as much as possible from him! Ive picked up some very helpful techniques and Ive grown in confidence and ability (slighlty)

.concept tube

I feel pretty damn ass proud of myself for the bottom left painting, even though it is a loose study I think with a bit of cleaning up and using a higher resolution I could have a pretty decent piece. I produced this in roughly about 40 minutes, which is alot quicker than usual! I found a new technique from another Feng Zhu video (chaos to control) He spoke about students only beginning to have a ‘proper’ understanding of perspective, colour, composition, framing, value, the rule of thirds and other things, this can restrict our brains in the designing process and produce things that we are unhappy with, which is quite demoralizing. This process is well worth a look at if your interested in this sort of thing!


Your welcome!


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