Jelly time!

We have all been developing our world concepts and today we all got reassigned new groups for the next stage in making our world. My new team with Rachel, Aidan and Hannah have been given a concept that is based around a world inside a jellyfish!

The team before us had some really good ideas, also their visual concepts for this world were really cool. This gave us a really good starting point. As a team we got together to see if we could add to their original idea. We came up with some really cool ideas, to note a few, glowing fart gas, bum/body part inhabitants and fishermen.

After some research, found out a few pretty awesome facts about jellyfish the largest is the lion’s mane jellyfish. With up to 2.29 metres in diameter and can have tentacles up to 37 metres long. The box jellyfish has one of the most potent venom in the world, it releases toxins into its victims circulation system and directly attacks the heart.

A short insight into the lives of these beautiful creatures.


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