Today we were back in our different groups to work on our perception film. Up to this point we had a few ideas in mind, but we realized we needed to collectively settle on an idea and develop it. Originally Ryan had come up with a narrative involving two people experiencing two polar opposite emotions. Happiness and sadness. As a team added to this idea and by the end of the day we are ready to start the storyboarding process. Our narrative basically begins with two people receiving different news, one good one bad, we will then show how both of their days began and how they were took to this point.
It was really an enjoyable experience to develop our initial narrative into one with more depth and it became something that we all clearly are keen to complete.
Some of the films we looked at for inspiration were Memento, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, 500 days of summer and even Ace Ventura in reference to how our character might behave throughout.ImageImage


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