Project One

So this project has asked us to learn more about the structure of our actual degree. In our groups we’ve been assigned two titles of modules from the three year programme. My group, Me, Ryan Hollinger, Jess Campbell, Nathan Nicholson and Mark Lisk got the titles Industry Placement and International Academic Studies.

We began by looking at the content provided online. ( After we had an understanding of the modules we began by thinking about the ‘problems’ we faced.1376193_674883019190118_510126538_n1368681_674883025856784_2043080096_n


This combined with research into the imagery already used by others for studying abroad and work placement helped us decide what NOT to do, the vast majority of existing ideas were basically exactly the same! We also had looked at some artists that we thought could influence us in the design aspect of our task.

C215- Christian Guémy (

One of the finest stencil artists in the world, has always been a recurring influence on my work and always will be, absolute boss.

insanely amount of detail

insane amount of detail

A nice example of some of the unique portrait pieces

A nice example of some of the unique portrait pieces

He even likes cats!

He even likes cats!

Wasn’t gonna use this much photos but damn he’s good



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