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Jelly time!

We have all been developing our world concepts and today we all got reassigned new groups for the next stage in making our world. My new team with Rachel, Aidan and Hannah have been given a concept that is based around a world inside a jellyfish!

The team before us had some really good ideas, also their visual concepts for this world were really cool. This gave us a really good starting point. As a team we got together to see if we could add to their original idea. We came up with some really cool ideas, to note a few, glowing fart gas, bum/body part inhabitants and fishermen.

After some research, found out a few pretty awesome facts about jellyfish the largest is the lion’s mane jellyfish. With up to 2.29 metres in diameter and can have tentacles up to 37 metres long. The box jellyfish has one of the most potent venom in the world, it releases toxins into its victims circulation system and directly attacks the heart.

A short insight into the lives of these beautiful creatures.


Creating an entirely new world!

I’ve got a new group to work with for this project, Megan, Emma and Katie. So far we have already considered many of the different aspects needed when creating a new world and we have even already forming some concepts. Anyway I thought of looking into the idea of a world that could exist within our own world already. In particular I’ve taken a strong liking to creating a world for bacteria to thrive in, mostly because when I was researching bacteria in general I came across this collection of microscopic monsters photos that are actually real and a talk from Bonnie Bassler on the secret life’s of bacteria. There is a link below for both…….

Bonnie’s talk

Cool Micro-beasts

Here is a little taster of these amazing photographs.Image of bacteria A Dustmite micro-monsters-01 Bacteria growth on a smart phone


The talk was really good, looks like we have all got a really negative view on bacterium. They are a lot more interesting that I originally thought.


Today we were back in our different groups to work on our perception film. Up to this point we had a few ideas in mind, but we realized we needed to collectively settle on an idea and develop it. Originally Ryan had come up with a narrative involving two people experiencing two polar opposite emotions. Happiness and sadness. As a team added to this idea and by the end of the day we are ready to start the storyboarding process. Our narrative basically begins with two people receiving different news, one good one bad, we will then show how both of their days began and how they were took to this point.
It was really an enjoyable experience to develop our initial narrative into one with more depth and it became something that we all clearly are keen to complete.
Some of the films we looked at for inspiration were Memento, eternal sunshine of a spotless mind, 500 days of summer and even Ace Ventura in reference to how our character might behave throughout.ImageImage

Presented Ideas

Today as a group we gave a presentation on our conceptual process about our on project one work. We had worked on four designs and we as a team done a good job with communicating our ideas and thought process to the group. Here are the four concepts but we still may tweak them slightly! work placement ani

Pro1 continued ……..

So we’ve started to build on our concepts. Today we put all of our ideas together and voted on which ones to develop further. For the studying abroad design we went with creating a graphic that encourages students to ‘Leave normal behind’. Early thoughts, we are thinking maybe a simple design representing a normal life and then contrasting this we want a more detailed style representing the different aspects of studying abroad. With the work placement graphic we have chosen a few themes to focus on, mainly structure and the idea of looking at your career as puzzle and work placement helps to put the pieces together.


Project One

So this project has asked us to learn more about the structure of our actual degree. In our groups we’ve been assigned two titles of modules from the three year programme. My group, Me, Ryan Hollinger, Jess Campbell, Nathan Nicholson and Mark Lisk got the titles Industry Placement and International Academic Studies.

We began by looking at the content provided online. ( After we had an understanding of the modules we began by thinking about the ‘problems’ we faced.1376193_674883019190118_510126538_n1368681_674883025856784_2043080096_n


This combined with research into the imagery already used by others for studying abroad and work placement helped us decide what NOT to do, the vast majority of existing ideas were basically exactly the same! We also had looked at some artists that we thought could influence us in the design aspect of our task.

C215- Christian Guémy (

One of the finest stencil artists in the world, has always been a recurring influence on my work and always will be, absolute boss.

insanely amount of detail

insane amount of detail

A nice example of some of the unique portrait pieces

A nice example of some of the unique portrait pieces

He even likes cats!

He even likes cats!

Wasn’t gonna use this much photos but damn he’s good



This week we were all introduced to a new technique for developing and the conceptualization of ideas. It was also a good opportunity for all us first years to get to know the second years. Overall it was a lot of fun and got a better insight to the actual course structure. Me, Niamh and Shelley were in a group with Mary (2nd Year). The word we ended up developing in the final stage was Hero. The previous team had created a surplus of lethal Heroes. My personal favourite had to be Phone-catcher Man,  a hero that prevented the devastating phone drop! He would be always on the look out, ready to leap into action. Anyway after we had several refined concepts we settled on an app that allowed real people in everyday feel like a ‘hero’. Our app design included a anonymous profile (to create a sense of mystery) and customizable avatar, a live news feed to share the goodness and even a GPS system that allowed users to team up together and commit groups acts of goodwill and kindness. This is the final concept design that we presented, it also demonstrates my rusty photoshop skills!

basic app design and layout!

basic app design and layout!